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Angel's Mind

I think the general frameworks of our lives are pre-destined. Yet, we have all the power to influence the details within this outline. We call these rewards "LUCK". 

Would you like to gain your daily happiness? 
Want a shortcut to happiness?
Become more light-hearted, have hope and confidence to move forward in your life!

Holding positive personal sessions in New York that will hopefully encourage you.

About Hiroco

Residing in New York since 1995. While working in customer relations, there'd be times when my clients would be surprised at how much I understood them while holding a conversation.

"Is this how you're feeling now?"

"I see something like this." 

After hearing me talk, they would be asked me how I knew or that something I've mentioned had come true. This was normal, something that was never considered special for me. Seeing and Feeling were senses that came to me naturally. I was curious when everyone said people could neither see nor feel as I did every day. Up until this point, I'd thought my senses were the norm. However, now I realize that these are what may be considered psychic powers. While receiving feedback from such clients, I became more aware of my abilities. Meeting more people who came from different backgrounds has consequently also enhanced my senses. Following the layoff resulting from business shutdown, I started doing independent sessions- and now provide services such as psychic readings, spiritual counseling, and hand healing sessions to match clients' needs.

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