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実際のHirocoさんはウェブサイトのお写真とは少し印象が違い若くてとても可愛い!! ポジティブオーラ出まくってた印象です。(写真も素敵ですよ!)。今日はそのハッピーオーラを少し分けて頂いた感じです。






ご無沙汰しています。東京のYです。 就職決まりました! 弘子さんに言っていたとおりリストの3番目! 50歳代のおばさんの方が良くしてくださるって言われていたのですが、面接してして下さった方が常務さんで50歳代の女性の方!給料も月額10万弱アップして、ボーナスは別に出ます。凄くいい雰囲気とある意味変わった社風で、私にぴったりの会社。やっと私の居場所が出来そうです!恵比寿ですし立地も最高です。

恋愛はまだ、楽しい!って出会いはないみたいです。 転職して環境も変わるので、まだまだこれからだと思ってます。 とにかく、お礼が言いたくてメールしました。



Hiroko is a specially gifted medium. I have met Hiroko first with scepticism, but knew relatively quickly that she was the real deal. And as my sessions with her got deeper and deeper, I realized that she was a unique gift to my life. Powerful messages for my path forward, clear and direct, often actionable, delivered always with love and care for me. I am blessed to be able to say that Hiroko is my spiritual and life advisor in many challenging topics that are related to often the present but also past and the future. What a blessing for me and the ones that can benefit from her ability to share her insight.


Hiroko is an intuitive, a medium and a guide. She can help give guidance and insight into life's most complex topics - love, career, destiny.. She is not going to read tarot cards or anything you'd gimmicky. She will sit with you and she will get visions and will tell you what she sees. She predicted a few life events and can tap into the histories and intentions of people in your life. Every time I see Hiroko, I leave feeling a sense of peace, of relief, that I'm exactly where I need to be.